Get Your Office Vibe Back

Connect multiple locations, including home & office, into one hybrid work solution

We Can Help You Do That, and More



Feel like you are back in the office with your team, working together with a common purpose.



Flow / Vibe

Feel the office buzz again. Drop in on someone for a quick question, chat over coffee, screenshare and more.



Save Time, Save Money

Working from anywhere is a win-win.
No commute = More personal time
No office = Corporate savings



Speed & Agility

Move faster than physical workspaces and physical distances allow




Maximizing Health

There are downsides to remote work. Take steps to combat employee loneliness, isolation, alienation and burnout



Building Culture

Culture is the foundation of every enterprise. Build it with all employees no matter where they are.


FastOffice virtual office


Being able to see your space and who is there creates true feelings of being part of a team


The ability to have swing-by’s and connect with a colleague for a second.


Unique locations like an outdoor patio, cafe’, all hands space in addition to your physical space.


Human collision opportunities for spontaneous collaboration.


Users can personalize their offices, spaces as well as themselves.


Invite guests to your space just as you would invite people to your office.

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