Safe Office Design, Simply

Written By Brad Gibbon

Understanding how to redesign your office space shouldn’t be hard. Unfortunately, everywhere you turn seems to have a 20 step process to get back into the office. Here’s how you can start planning your return to work, simply.

Step 1: Book a time with Us.

For FREE, we’ll go over your current office layout with you. Our designers will analyze the space and show you exactly how many employees you could get back today. Over the course of one hour, you’ll get exactly what you need in order to start brining employees back to the office.

You’ll get a link that you can share with staff, and a plan that will work with your company’s safety requirements. Generally we’ve found that on average you’ll be able to get anywhere between 15-30% of your employees back into the office by restricting seats. For many tenants right now, that’s plenty, but you might need to bring more back. If this works, you can stop stop here. But if you’re looking for further solutions we’ve got you covered.

Step 2: Collaborate to improve your space

By subscribing to FastOffice, our design team can work with you to enhance your space today and prepare for the future. We can model the impact of screens, air purifiers, and hand sanitizers on the safety of your space. We can even redesign your office to increase occupancy.

And that’s about it. Pretty simple right?

If you still have questions, we’re happy to chat. Use this link to book a meeting.

Let us help you make getting back to the office simple.


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