Reach & Engage With Your Prospects

End-to-end move-in-ready space and tenant engagement platform

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Are you an occupier looking to shed unneeded space? We can help.

Are you a landlord with pre-built or 2nd generation space that needs to compete with furnished sublease spaces? We can help

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Multi-channel distribution puts your space in front of prospective tenants & brokers where they are looking

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Frictionless space selection process to quickly convert prospects into signed tenants

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3D design and fitout app with real time budgeting equips you to deliver move-in-ready space

Reach More Prospects

Put your space in the path of tenants starting their search online in addition to brokers looking for a frictionless process for fast offers.

    • Your website
    • Broker marketing
    • Third party listing platforms
icon illustrating two documents and a frictonless transaction with fastoffice
a webpage showing a office space listing with an online support representation

Tenant Engagement

We monitor all distribution channels and our staff of design pros are ready to engage with tenants in guided virtual tour sessions.

    • Hosted guided tours by our design pros with your prospects, getting to yes faster.
    • A 3D app that allows tenants to option out space like leasing a car, with real time monthly pricing.
    • Delightful end to end process. Make it easy for your prospects to say yes.

Provide Turnkey Fitout

Turn any unfurnished vacancy into a move-in ready flexible office space with FastOffice Marketplace. Add furniture and WiFi to attract tenants to your spaces.

    • Turnkey fitout with a marketplace of suppliers in the FastOffice SaaS enabled marketplace.
    • Products for purchase from major brands as well as Furniture-as-a-Service (FaaS) from CORT for short term opportunities. No capital outlay required.
    • Managed data services.
    • Hybrid office solutions.
rendering of a custom office layout using Fastoffice tools

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