Fast Office is a great business opportunity for anyone who is interested in obtaining profitability through commercial office properties, due to the ability to multiply the yields of a commercial office space, It generates income exponentially, with greater control on the property and a lower risk by diversifying the client portfolio.

  • Growing market
  • 1 employee only
  • passive operations
  • Time required (8 hours per week)
  • Monthly Cash Flow


• World-class service
• Recognized brand in the country
• Years of experience and innovation
• Access to real estate platforms
• Access to real estate agencies in Mexico
• Access to the Fast Office commercial network

Turn your office into Fast Office

If you already have a business center and want a better operation, administration and belonging to a recognized brand that meets your business expectations, come and turn your business center into a successful Fast Office franchise.

master franchise

Acquire franchise rights in an entire country, contact us to learn more about the Fast Office master franchise.

our successes

• +50 franchises
• 7 states in Mexico
• The franchise with the greatest expansion
in the branch line
• More than 10,000 branches

Multi units

You can acquire one or several Fast Office franchises in different locations based on the availability of the territory and the capacity of your work team.

office owner

Do you have a commercial property and you cannot rent it or do you want better returns on your investment? Do not let more time pass with your frozen investment and turn your office into a Fast Office where you will obtain double the profitability that you have projected to obtain with your commercial property for offices.


Franchise fee

$360,000.00 pesos
(iva incluido)

Initial inventory

$350,000 a
$900,000 MXN


$150,000 a
$4,500,000 MXN

Operating costs

$$$$ (5 meses)
Royalties: 6% on gross sales

Invest without trading

Acquire a Fast Office franchise in a 100% absentee way, leaving the operation and administration of your franchise in the hands of professionals.
The franchise can be acquired by 1 or up to 5 investors.

New Franchise Process

  1. Franchisee filter and acceptance
  2. Intention letter
  3. Evaluation and choice of location
  4. Layout + financial projection
  5. Franchise and Lease Agreement*
  6. Licenses and/or permits
  7. Construction
  8. Initial Inventory Purchase
  9. Hiring of services
  10. Recruitment
  11. Staff training
  12. Franchisee Training
  13. branch opening

By acquiring a franchise you will be acquiring:

  • Growing business model
  • Monthly Cash Flow
  • Return on investment in 24 months
  • Passive or absent operation
  • easily operable
  • Minimum work staff
  • Unlimited profitability
  • Minimum risk of delinquent clients
  • Control over your property
  • constant training
  • Sistema interno Fast Office
  • Manual of operation and processes
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Legal and accounting assistance
  • Option to operate your franchise
  • Organization chart
  • The experience of many years of a successful brand in the office market
  • Rights to use the brand
  • Advice and execution on layout and creation of spaces for better profitability
  • Execution of the work or adaptations to generate the necessary spaces
  • Recruitment and training of work personnel
  • Training and advice for the franchisor
  • Access to online platforms
  • Modern, heavy-duty furniture
  • accounting advice
  • Legal advice
  • Commercial network of sellers within our franchises (commissions apply)
  • Commercial network of sellers through the real estate network nationwide (commissions apply)

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